To Forget and Remember

Sometimes I forget.

Forget to pause.

Forget to blink

I'm only human, I fret.

I allow my lungs to expand.

I close my eyes.

For just a moment.

I open them and inspect my hands;

Such fragile little things,

A cut, a scrape,

Chipped nail polish,

A freckle, a ring.

I notice my veins so blue.

I'm only human.

I'm only a woman.

This never ceases to be true.

I've won; I'm no hero. 

I've failed; I'm no failure.

I've hurt; I'm not broken.

I've loved; I'm no pro.

Then I see

The joys of life.

The truth of it all.

In the midst of debris.

Life's greatest splendor

Comes to call

Not as I forget,

But as I remember.

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