Latina, I am you…

But I’m not you.

Eres asombroso.

I learned that word today.

You are astonishing.

I’m disconnected...

But maybe if I purse my lips just right

And flick my tongue like you,

I could be worthy of your language.

The one I studied just enough

To get by in high school.

The one that rolls off my father’s tongue

So effortlessly,

But sounds like a stranger in my mouth.

It sounds so foreign, I’m sure,

To everyone around me.

Little white girl.

Maybe I should practice in the mirror more.

Get it just right.

Surprise myself...

It will never sound like you do.

The language like ancient magic

Dripping from your body since birth.

Do I have the right to roll my Rs?


You don’t look like a Ramirez, they say,

Cautious of their heritage.

I’m not trying to swoop in and colonize it, I swear.

I don’t belong, but I want to.

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